What's blooming April 1, 2012

James Waddick jwaddick@kc.rr.com
Sun, 01 Apr 2012 11:55:01 PDT
>A storm blew through here last night, and the day dawned breezy and sunny.
>The combination of rain yesterday and sun today made a lot of things come
>into bloom all at once, so it was quite a sight outside.  Here's a summary:

Dear Mike,
	Quite a colorful array of blooms you have there.  We have had 
a sudden influx of near summer heat -going towards 90 so the sheets 
of purple, orange and red early spring bulbs are going over, but the 
red, white and blue tree peonies are providing shade for them and us 
in a patriotic mood.

	Surprised your Tecophilea are still blooming, mine in pots 
bloomed a while back and they are busting out of the pots - blue, 
purple and red in bright colors really was welcome earlier this 

	I am looking at the foliage of my variegated Worsleya and 
anticipating bloom. Love the pale purple against the yellow and green 
foliage streaked in pink. Quite a show even if it is so common.

	No goats here, but the deer came in and ate our Ornithogalum 
collection -just the flowers, but still hate to see another rainbow 
of colors as deer chow.

	Isn't the April color spectacular and this on the first of 
the month?  It is VERY unusual.

		Best		Jim

>--My first hybrids of Moraea amissa x insolens are finally in bloom.
>They're orange with purple veins.  Not very attractive, but I do like the
>bright green and red nectar guides.  I'll post a photo to the wiki later.

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