Nerine flexuosa was Lycoris query

terry frewin
Mon, 23 Apr 2012 12:55:18 PDT
Thanks for all this info Mary Sue, and the point to the SANBI site for
future reference.
My white Nerine is flowering now, mid autumn,  is nearly evergreen and is
approx. 15-20" tall.  I have uploaded a picture of its foliage.

Have also uploaded a pic of another little mystery which is flowering now.
 All the white buds show some green.…
Thanks Paul for your input also.  It is confusing but interesting all the

On Mon, Apr 23, 2012 at 1:37 PM, Mary Sue Ittner <> wrote:

> I looked on the SANBI check list and it says Nerine flexuosa = Nerine
> humilis, Nerine undulata
> So then I looked on the Plant List  and found this:
> Nerine flexuosa (Jacq.) Herb. is a synonym of Nerine undulata (L.) Herb.
> Nerine flexuosa Herb., p.p. is a synonym of Nerine humilis (Jacq.) Herb.
> Nerine flexuosa var. alba Gumbl. is a synonym of Nerine undulata (L.) Herb.
> Nerine flexuosa var. angustifolia (Baker) Baker is a synonym of
> Nerine angustifolia (Baker) W.Watson
> Nerine flexuosa var. pulchella (Herb.) Baker is a synonym of Nerine
> humilis (Jacq.) Herb.
> Nerine flexuosa var. sandersonii Baker is a synonym of Nerine
> laticoma (Ker Gawl.) T.Durand & Schinz
> Nerine humilis is a winter growing plant and Nerine undulata a summer
> growing plant. I was curious about Eugene Zielinski writing:
> >I checked Graham Duncan's Growing Nerines book (2002).  He notes
> >that Nerine flexuosa is a tall, winter growing form that occurs from
> >Somerset East to the north east of Grahamstown.  He recommends that
> >it be considered
> >a winter growing form of N. undulata.
> But after looking in my copy of that book I see that he was waiting
> for a taxonomic revision to clarify what it was and was in the
> meantime suggesting Nerine undulata. It is confusing in the meantime.
> Terry is your plant a summer grower or a winter grower? Graham Duncan
> also states on another page that Nerine undulata (=N. flexuosa
> 'Alba') from the Eastern Cape is fairly hardly outdoors in the United
> Kingdom and The Netherlands.
> Mary Sue
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