ground cover plants and question about Meeting in Berkeley

Elaine Jek
Thu, 12 Apr 2012 22:04:11 PDT
I'm new to PBS. I'm located in Silicon Valley, CA area. I'm growing summer growing bulbs like cannas, tulip, kniphofia, watsonia, amercrinium and some winter ones like galanthus, bletilla striata(not sure if this orchid is considered a bulb). I'm wondering what are good ground cover plants that remain evergreen or preferably bright green(not dull algae green) through the mild winters here. I've started on some achillea millefolium 'Sonoma Coast' and low growing manzanitas I got from Yuerba Buena Nursery. I water once or twice a week in summer. Are there drought tolerant plants that can do well (in SF Bay south peninsula area) to cover over the bare ground while the summer bulbs are dormant besides vinca or ice plant?

I might have missed the posting, please point me in the right direction to know more about the meeting next week in Berkeley. Is there a list of talks/highlights listed somewhere on the PBS website? Is there a bulb exchange?


USDA zone 9a
Sunset climate zone: 16

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