Questions regarding seedlings

Wed, 25 Apr 2012 16:53:11 PDT
Hello Sujit

I don't know the correct procedure, but with Zephyranthes and Habranthus 
I leave them until they have developed a bulb.  Usually a couple of 
months, after which I transplant them.

Also as they grow, the roots get more tangled, so transplanting them 
when they are relatively small, gives the roots space.   More than 
anything, it is to keep them fed and growing.  Habranthus tubispathus 
will go dormant in summer, start growing in autumn, although yours are 
too small to go dormant and will probably continue to grow through their 
first season.

The Z. drummondii develops a black bulb the size of a tennis ball 
eventually!  And their scent is gorgeous.


On 26/04/2012 11:36 a.m., Sujit Hart wrote:
> >  >  1. Habranthus tubispathus:
> >  >  4. Zephyranthus drummondii: 5

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