Crinum Undulatum Question

Jim Lykos
Mon, 30 Apr 2012 17:38:13 PDT
HI Steven,

C. undulatum was initially described  by Hooker in 1828, from a single bulb 
sent to the Liverpool Botanical Garden - which was collected in North 
Brazil. As far as I'm aware apart from the original bulb its never been 
collected again and isnt in cultivation.  Baker's description of C. 
undulatum in his Handbook to the Amaryllideae, is ambiguous but seems to 
indicate that the flower tepals were undulated. Herbert never saw the live 
Crinum, but from the description he thought it was a variety of C. 


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> Hi crinum lovers
> I saw a crinum labeled C. Undulatum.
> Is this a species or is Undulatum used I'n the description of all crinums 
> or something like that ?
> Google confused me !
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