In bloom 3 floors up

Emilie Pulver
Thu, 05 Apr 2012 06:55:52 PDT
My soil mixture is 1/3 cactus soil; 1/3 pumice; 1/3 large horticultural perlite; dash of charcoal; top dressing of aquarium gravel. The bulbs are in clay pots and get watered through once a week; they stand on humidity trays. These bulbs prefer shade and have always bloomed the best for me in air shaft windows. What can I say--we urban gardeners have to make do with what we have. 

Emilie Pulver

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And yes, that IS something to crow about.  Congratulations Emilie!

What is the soil mixture and water regime?  Whatever you're doing, it's working.

Interlaken NY Zone 7

Urginea delagoensis International Succulent Introductions 2006-32 HBG 81827 ex 
M. Vassar 6003. Collected Swaziland, ca. 60 km NE of Piet Retief, S.A. 

Inside window sill, facing west into air shaft, 3rd floor with bright shade and 
ca. 1 hour of sun a day, on the South Side of Chicago.

Emilie Pulver



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