LA, Vista, San Diego & Tucson

Kipp McMichael
Wed, 04 Apr 2012 21:41:54 PDT

  In between my old job and my new one I've decided to indulge myself in a road-trip to Southern Cal and Tucson. I'll be going next week. I know about Arid Lands, Grigsby Cactus and Petra Crist/Rare Succulents. I have a large african bulb collection (primarily winter growers) and I collect strange succulents and caudiciforms of all types. I'd love some additional recommendations of where to go - especially any specialists growers who would be available. I have an open schedule and an open route - so tell me anything/anywhere good.
Thanks for tips,-|<ipp
PS: If anyone from the Bay Area is interested in an ardently focused and somewhat whirlwind trip to nurseries from Tuscon to Vista next week, let me know ;-)

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