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B & G Julian
Tue, 24 Apr 2012 02:40:39 PDT
Hi,my name is Gordon Julian and I have recently joined the PBS as a 
financial member . Back in the early 1990's while living in Toowoomba , 
Queensland I was a member and seed donor to the old IBS. In 1996 we 
moved to Tasmania and after some 16 years here we are selling our 7 acre 
home , Hobby Nursery and large garden to return to Toowoomba area. We 
have been growing bulbous plants since the early 1980's and while in 
Toowoomba it was mainly South African Genera we grew there , while here 
in Tasmania we grow a range of bulbs from Agapanthus, Albuca,Babiana 
,Clivia,Cyclamen,Colchicum,Dierama.Eucomis,Erythronium ,
Fritillaria ,Galanthus Geissorhiza 
and Watsonia and numerous other assorted bulbs.Most of the cooler 
climate bulbs we hope to continue to grow in the Toowoomba area and the 
South African bulbs will be much happier than they are here at 
present.We have already moved about 2000 pots of bulbs and a number of 
bulbs in flats and in a month are taking another trip with many more 
pots.We have not sold our home here yet  and our bulb collection is 
being looked after by one of our sons who lives in the area we will 
finally settle.Property sales are slow at present and a sale could be 
soon or some time away.,Gordon in Tasmania

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