PBS get together

Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Mon, 23 Apr 2012 18:30:17 PDT
I'd like to echo Lee Poulsen's comments about the weekend get 
together. I too enjoyed the four talks and touring the Berkeley 
Botanical Garden. And it was fun to explore Mt. Diablo with 
interested plant people. Most of all however it was wonderful to 
reconnect with people I've seen a few times before, to make new 
friends, and to connect faces with people I've only known from their 
posts to this list. Thanks go to Paul Licht and the UC Botanical 
Garden for giving us a place to meet, to Marilyn Pekasky for her help 
with the food and for arranging the delicious pot luck lunch while 
the rest of us were listening to talks, and most of all to Nhu for 
coming up with the idea for the meeting and pulling it all 
together.  He got the permissions, organized the speeches, 
communicated with people who came and hoped to come, but then 
couldn't, directed everyone to the places we needed to be, and led us 
and fed us on the unofficial field trip.

For those of us who wanted to have dinner together Nhu found us a 
place where we could have good food and one table we could fit around 
and still hear the voice of someone sitting across the table. That 
doesn't happen often. Thanks too to Alan Horstmann who after the 2006 
IBSA Symposium shared his slide show of close-ups of South African 
bulbs with me and said I could show it to others if I liked.

Since one of the best things about meetings like this one is chatting 
with others who share the passion and enthusiasm I encourage others 
on the list from different states and countries to set up a meeting 
and issue an invitation to others to attend. Even though this one was 
in Northern California, we had representatives from Southern 
California, Washington, Oregon, and Arizona who came. So you can 
never tell how far people will be willing to travel for this kind of a meeting.

Mary Sue

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