Masses of Brunsvigia to flower at Bokkeveld Plateau, Western Cape

Roy Herold
Thu, 12 Apr 2012 15:10:52 PDT

It's exciting to see the Brunsvigia bosmaniae flowering in
Nieuwoudtville that we saw only in leaf back in September of 2011. I'm
not at all surprised at the bounty, as there were excellent winter
rains that produced the best spring flowers in the past 20 years and
must have set the stage for these fall displays.

The brunsvigia leaves formed a nearly continuous green mat in the
areas pictured, and the rest of the ground was lush with other bulbs
and grasses. I'm sure they went dormant and everything was brown in a
matter of weeks after we visited. The seedheads (with sprouting seeds)
from the previous year's brunsvigia bloom were scattered everywhere.

The SANBI reference to the location as Charlies Hoek was a bit
confusing, as most maps and road signs refer to it as the
Nieuwoudtville Wildflower Reserve. I just wish SANBI had posted
better/larger photos. I seem to recall that the rock formations in the
second and third photos are home to some magnificent populations of
Eucomis regia and lots of other goodies.

I see that there was an earlier brunsvigia post on the SANBI site:…

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