Galanthus hardiness

Sun, 29 Apr 2012 14:05:04 PDT
Dear Linda,

Bulbs of galanthus hate being frozen.Forget about pots unless they are well protected.
I am a bit surprised that this species did not survive as it is the hardiest.G. nivalis ssp angustifolius is from further north in Russia. Perhaps it may be hardier if you can find stock? Galanthus plicatus should be OK with you too.

Perhaps the bulbs were a bot over-dried as they often are from commercial stock when bought in the fall?
They rarely do much from such plantings. If you can get bulbs slightly damp-packed in the autumn or plant in the green from divisions of established clumps in the spring your chances will be much better.

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"What is the hardiest Galanthus and to what zone?
> I had put in Galanthus nivalis last fall however it appears they did not
> survive, even though we had an extremely mild winter. Could they be grown
> in a pot that was over-wintered in a cold garage? 
> Linda Foulis
> Red Deer, AB 
> Zone 3"

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