what's flowering now, 2nd full week of August

Kathleen Sayce ksayce@willapabay.org
Mon, 13 Aug 2012 09:33:30 PDT
Greetings, all,

Despite a cool wet spring and early summer (cooler and wetter than normal, that is), typical late summer drought finally arrived, with sunny days alternating with fog. 

Scilla autumnalis, from PBS seed, is flowering for the first time, very nice. The current name seems to be Prospera autumnalis. 

Mid to late season lilies (in no particular order), including Black Beauty, Mdm Butterfly, henryi and henryi alba, Leslie Woodriff, Dunyzade, Sheherazade, Black Velvet, leucantheumum, lancifolium, Golden Splendor, Indian Summer, Silk Road, and a yellow trumpet I've lost the tag to, courtesy of a Steller's jay.  7 clumps had stems over 6 ft tall, which were quite lovely. Life is too short to grow short lilies! 

Only two more lilies are still to flower, a late, pink-flowered Asiatic, and L rubrum (which the deer usually nip the buds from, but missed it this year, for some reason). 

Crinum x powellii opened the first flowers, of many to come, a sure sign that summer is passing. 

Yucca, species unknown, but hardy in the Pacific Northwest, 4 ft tall spikes of creamy white flowers. 

Photos of most of these are posted on my facebook page. I'll set up a new album on Flickr with these images too. 

No sign of buds on Amaryllis belladonna yet. I transplanted on the young bulbs in pots, grown from seed sent to PBS by Michael Mace and Mary Sue Ittner  a couple of years ago. Sent some extras  to the BX, so look for them soon. Wrenching decision, but do I really have room for 20 plus bulbs of each one? Sadly, no, if I'm going to grow big lilies and PC iris too.

Also thanks to Mark M, what I purchased as Allium beesianum and now know is Allium sikkimense, is also flowering, lovely blue flowers, started a few weeks ago. 


Kathleen Sayce
PNW Coast, WHZ 8, dryish cool summers & mild wet winters

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