What's flowering the first week of August in Auckland, NZ

Ina klazina@orcon.net.nz
Sun, 05 Aug 2012 12:14:41 PDT
Mentioning that our August is like your March, makes me wonder about the 
date the plants start flowering as I have not made a note of these 
before.  And with the mild winter we have had, I suspect several of 
these are a month ahead of themselves. Some of the apple trees have not 
even lost their leaves yet. While Hydrangeas etc are putting out spring 

And as for being opposite, I have just discovered what the work 
Antipodes means.  And according to that Spain, Portugal and Morocco are 
the Antipode to NZ.  Place is not all, but I wonder how bulb growing can 

And as for the moss, it is the shady side of the garden, so yes, it gets 
moss there.  And we get rain, at the moment we are going through 4 lows 
one after the other.  The ground is getting soggy.

On 6/08/2012 2:08 a.m., Gastil wrote:
> So your August down under would be like my March here.
> Just look at all that moss! You do get rain.

Ina Crossley
Auckland New Zealand  Zone 10

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