A sea of Amaryllis belladonna hybrids--Visitors welcome!

Bulborum Botanicum bulborum@gmail.com
Sat, 18 Aug 2012 07:01:23 PDT
Maybe you can post a few (or a lot) pictures
for the ones who aren't able to visit your fantastic belladonna show
like me 10.000 km far away


2012/8/18  <Billthebulbbaron@aol.com>:
> Fellow PBS members,
> For the next couple of weeks there are 1000s of my Amaryllis belladonna
> hybrids in bloom--endless variation in color, form, and size.   This year I
> have twice the amount of bloom I have ever seen before, and I am not picking
> any significant number so they are all there on the hillsides, a riot of bloom
> at the field, which is located in the Watsonville, California area.   I am
> there 7 days a week, please call for directions if you would care to visit.
> Best wishes,
> William R.P. Welch
> (831) 236-8397
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