Amaryllis belladonna in full bloom

Nhu Nguyen
Sun, 05 Aug 2012 23:38:24 PDT
Hi everyone,

It's time for a full blooming of these gorgeous plants in Berkeley - lower
elevation Berkeley that is. At 500ft (150m) the first few flowers are
starting to show and at 800ft (250m) they have just broken ground. There is
definitely a temperature related gradient based on longitude and altitude
based on the data gathered so far.

But back to Berkeley. Today I went to a new spot that we discovered where a
landscaper (or gardener) had planted hundreds of these bulbs. The blooming
was spectacular and the fragrance was just fantastic.……………

I have a bulb in a 1 gallon pot and I have been enjoying the fragrance on
my desk for the past week. I hope that if you live in a place where these
are blooming, you will stop to smell the belladonnas.


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