what's flowering now, 2nd full week of August

J.E. Shields jshields@indy.net
Mon, 13 Aug 2012 10:33:36 PDT
After getting some rain the last couple of weeks, we can hope to see some 
late season flowers.

The hardy Lycrois are blooming, with L. squamigeraq already finished and 
LL. chinensis, longituba, and sprengeri getting a good start.

A weedy Scilla, maybe S. autumnalis?  is in bloom.

Crinum variabile is now starting to bloom, and the plants of C. [variabile 
x bulbispermum] are on their 3rd set of scapes.  Both these are in 
irrigated outdoor beds, so have not suffered so heavily from the 
drought.  (Our irrigation system is on a well.)

In the greenhouse, no sign of most Haemanthus flowering yet, but in the 
lath house, Haemanthus albiflos has started to bloom.  Also in the lath 
house, one Scadoxus membranaceus (#1667) is in bloom.  This one has the 
typical 4 bronze-colored bracts enclosing the umbel.

I have another accession of Scadoxus "membranaceus" (#1021) that bloomed a 
couple weeks ago.  It is atypical, and I wonder what it really is?  The 
inflorescence has not 4 broad, bronzy colored bracts but 6 or 7 narrow, 
upright, bright plain green bracts.  At first glance, the plants look 
otherwise identical.  I thought 4 bracts was diagnostic for S. 
membranaceus.  What do I have in #1021?

Still in the lath house, Nerine krigei is starting to bloom, and there is 
one scape on N. laticoma.  Caliphruria korsakoffii has another scape up and 
flowering.  Arisaema yunnanense aridum is blooming.  This Arisaema spends 
the winter in its pot in a fridge, cold but above freezing.  In spring it 
goes out to the lath house.  It sees to be doing rather well under this 

That seems to be it for now.

Jim Shields
in no longer so very hot and not quite so very dry central Indiana

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