what's flowering now, 2nd full week of August

Boyce Tankersley btankers@gmail.com
Mon, 13 Aug 2012 12:34:14 PDT
> Hi All:

After a very mild winter and very early frost free date the bulb flowering
season got off to an incredibly early start at Chicago Botanic Garden this
spring with most taxa averaging 4 - 6 weeks ahead of schedule through the
end of June.

Apparently many of the bulb taxa that flower after the summer soltice are
more responsive to day-length than accumulated temperatures (degree growing
days) because the flowering cycle has returned to 'normal' with one
exception.  Lycoris sanguinea 'always' precedes Lycoris squamigera at CBG
by a couple of weeks but this summer they switched places.

The heat/drought of this summer has finally been broken (I hope) with a
return to a more seasonable temperatures (upper 80/lower 90 degrees F) with
some nice slow rain showers.  Fingers crossed that this weather pattern

Boyce Tankersley
Chicago Botanic Garden

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