Wed, 01 Aug 2012 19:47:08 PDT
I have also become Zone 10 recently, but all my Freesia laxa have ben
thriving in the ground for 10 years or more.  They are seeding and spreading
and have not seemed to need any tender loving care.  I'll be sending some
seed to Dell soon, so try it and enjoy it.

Shirley Meneice
Pebble Beach, CA (now Zone 10)

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>If those are the "blue" Freeisa laxa corms I sent in for PBS BX 302 then
yes, they can grow in the ground, at least they can here.  > I thought I was
zone 9b but other data indicates I am zone 10a. We do get frost, but only
occasionally and it is light frost.  I did 
> grow a few out in the open garden last year, with light frosts, and at
least 2 survived to bloom. Nearly all of mine I grow in 
> terracotta pots under an arbor, protected from frost. I would not advise
growing these out in the open.
Here in the UK I have a couple pf pots of this plant, inside an unheated,
but sheltered greenhouse, and one pot flowered all through the winter. Each
bulb has 1 stem but this branches so many flowers, in this case over several
months. The flowers stem would have been frosted several times and the pot
too last winter, though probably rarely more than 5 degrees (C) of frost.
I was intreaged by the "corm" when I unpotted one as I had a vertical heart
shaped cluster, about 1" (2.5cms) diameter/tall with several growing points,
that seemed reluctant to separate, so got repotted as 1.
Brian Whyer, Buckinghamshire, England, zone ~8 ish.

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