Scilla and Charybdis

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Mon, 13 Aug 2012 17:21:55 PDT
Hi, Mary Sue.

It's more trouble, but would it not be more useful to visitors to make a
page for each name, with links between? Then it wouldn't matter which name
was most current. Seekers of bulb knowledge would find their way to the

You could do this at the genus level or the species.

For example:

Fessia: see also Scilla.

Scilla gorganica: see Fessia gorganica.

Fortunately for my sanity I have not grown anywhere near all Scilla, former
Scilla and perhaps future Scilla; but in trying to communicate with 
customers I grew devoted to the website cross-link. Depending on back-scenes 
coding, you could repeat much material under both "new" and "old"
names. But simplest is just to choose one name, store the info with it and 
link other
possible names to the main name.

Anyway. As I'm sure we all know, using a botanical name without its author
is a trifle imprecise. I did that for the first time in my last list, and 
still blush. Can't decide whether to continue that way.


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> Hi,
> The plant list actually lists this one under the following name (note
> the ending):
> Prospero autumnale (L.) Speta
> We don't have that on the wiki so perhaps Jane or Kathleen can add a
> photo. I've not known what to do with all the Speta changes on the
> wiki. Some seemed to be adopted right away so we changed those.
> Others have had a longer wait. But perhaps now we should change the
> ones that are generally accepted. Does anyone have an opinion about this?
> Julian Slade wrote about the proposed changes in 2003 to this list:
> We never added some of the genera to the wiki since we didn't have
> photos. This is true of Prospero and Spetaea.
> We changed to Merwilla, Schizocarphus as South Africans adopted these
> names early on.
> The plant list is calling these synonyms: Oncostema, Tractema,
> Autonoe, Othocallis, Pfosseria, Zagrosia, Nectaroscilla, Schnarfia,
> Chouardia  so they have not been accepted.
> We just referenced Barnardia, Fessia, but since they are accepted by
> the Plant List, should the species is these two genera be moved from
> the Scilla page?
> Also in that post from Julian he wrote: "no evidence exists to
> support the separation of Muscari", but the Plant list now recognizes
> Pseudomuscari  and Leopoldia, but not Muscarimia.
> Looking at percentages, it looks like it was smart for us to wait on
> making those name changes since nine of them years later are not
> accepted (overworked wiki worker says Yea!)
> Mary Sue
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