Aad van Beek
Thu, 30 Aug 2012 12:23:52 PDT

I got the seeds today.
Do they need to be potted right away in such large pots as it is only 22 C over-here and certainly in the winter they will be on the attic with modest light at 5 C

> Amoreuxia palmatifida (2 of 4 seeds) and A. gonzalezii (1 of 5 seeds) from
> BX 320 are sprouting the second day after planting. I filed and soaked
> overnight, then planted communally in two 5 gallon / 22 liter black
> plastic nursery containers and put them outside in the heat (106 F / 41.5C
> today) in mostly shade. 

Aad van Beek

Groningen, The Netherlands

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