Gladiolus flowering

Michael Mace
Tue, 07 Aug 2012 01:03:09 PDT
Terry wrote:

>> I have just been out and carefully emptied out one pot and
opened up the corm for a photo, link below.  Is this what's called a
'woody' tunic?

You're not making this easier  ;-)

Based on the illustrations in the Goldblatt and Manning book, your corms do
not look quite like G. watsonius.  I don't have any priorii corms dug up at
the moment for comparison, but I do have some watsonius corms.  I just took
a photo and uploaded it to the wiki here:…

Corms of watsonius have "teeth" (my term) at the base of the tunic.  You can
see it in a couple of the corms in my photos, and it's also shown in the
illustration in Goldblatt & Manning.  The teeth are fairly rigid and kind of
clamp onto the corm.  I don't think I see those teeth in your photo
(although the tunic might look different on a dormant bulb).

Hope that helps,

San Jose, CA

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