New Gladiolus species and Romulea species to the wiki

Mary Sue Ittner
Thu, 23 Aug 2012 06:40:40 PDT
Cameron McMaster responded privately to my post as he had just seen 
and photographed Gladiolus mutabilis in the Eastern Cape where it 
more usually grows. In flower in the same place was Gladiolus 
patersoniae and he sent me photos of both for the wiki which I have 
added. It was interesting to hear that these two species are blooming 
at the same time in two different locations. Gladiolus patersoniae is 
pollinated by long tongued bees and perhaps they also pollinate G. 
mutabilis. One wonders if there would be hybrids in these areas 
between the two species. Thanks to Cameron and Rachel you can see the 
variation in both of these species which illustrates how challenging 
it is to identify a species from a photo.

>Gladiolus mutabilis
>  in the previously burned area where they found Gladiolus mutabilis 
> extending the known distribution area they also found some other 
> nice plants flowering: Gladiolus patersoniae, Cyrtanthus odorus, 
> and Romulea jugicoa.

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