Lycoris Report -Kansas City

aaron floden
Thu, 16 Aug 2012 10:08:12 PDT

 Although I am a 10+ hour drive east of you in a different climate, soils, etc. I am having the same blooming experience as you with Lycoris. I have had plenty of rain since mid-July, but have had only about 8 stems of longituba and its var. flava flower. Of 20+ squamigera bulbs I had only 2 stems flower! Lycoris sanguinea usually flowers first, but no sign this year. I had a single seedling of longituba flower in its 4th year!

 No sign of sprengeri, haywardii, or others. Still waiting for the inaugural shaanxiensis blooming. Radiata performs badly here in my yard, but a nieghbor has 100+ and mows them each year in flower.

 So what is the cause of my bad flowering? I also had a mild winter, but I had plenty of winter and spring moisture. we had about 1 month of hot and dry from mid-June to mid-July. They claim it broke records here as well, but the temp was far below (>5 deg.) the "record" at my house which is not far from the city center. Was it the warmer winter for the more northern spring-foliage species? Maybe the wintergreen taxa will finally flower well?

 East Tennessee

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Dear PBs friends,

    This has been an extreme gardening year in Kansas City and 
Lycoris are no exception.

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