Arum seeds
Thu, 09 Aug 2012 10:58:32 PDT
Well, Jane, of course, I'd rather have them cleaned, if you'd be so kind. I've cleaned them before without any ill effects. The only plants that give me any trouble are lachenalia bulbs which cause my skin to itch. 

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I noticed that several members donated Arum seeds to the newest BX 
list. I have some ripening now that I thought I would donate 
(different species from those already appearing), but I'd like some 
advice about cleaning them for the BX. Should I let them dry and send 
them in with the dried pulp, or should I soak them and try to remove 
the pulp in a sieve? 

It is well to mention that the pulp on aroid seeds can be a skin 
irritant, so I'll wear disposable latex gloves if I'm trying to rub 
off the soaked pulp. This is a good strategy when one handles a lot 
of Helleborus seeds, too. 

Jane McGary 
Portland, Oregon, USA 

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