Ferraria crispa and unknown Romulea

David Retief
Thu, 09 Aug 2012 13:20:36 PDT
Hi Guys,

Just wanted to share some photos (off iphone, so not that great) of a big Ferraria crispa clump now in bloom:…

Habitat is pure sand, 80m from the beach, Table View, just north of Cape Town (the start of the west coast.)

Thanks for all the great shares and info.

Also, for anyone knowledgeable on Romuleas, I'd love to get as positive ID of this guy (I think is Romulea schlechteri):…

They were discovered as a small colony about 1km from the coast just north of Melkbosstrand (that would be about 30km north of Cape Town.)



(Cape Town, South Africa)

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