Oops! Just Found Forgotten Eucomis

bonsaigai37@aol.com bonsaigai37@aol.com
Thu, 16 Aug 2012 10:33:01 PDT
Oh Judy!  You are not alone.  I have a pot that just came up yesterday.  While others came out, the pot of zambeisaca got missed.  I too, feel like a bad bulb daddy...

Out to the light, gather strength for next year, hope for the best, and maybe bloom next season.

I don't have a greenhouse, but yours can be provided a good place until the first of the year.  I think you will have a better chance of seeing flowers than I. My mother always forgets to bring them out until July.  She regularly gets flowers anyway.  The stringy leaves will color up after a bit but they seldom look decent.

(I did find that my Haemanthus sanguineus is pushing a FLOWER STALK this year...  OMG, so exciting.)

Interlaken, NY Zone 6

What to do? I brought them upstairs, put them outdoors in the shade, and 
gave them a nice drink of water.

  Any suggestions to help them along? I feel like such a bad bulb mommy.


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