"Boopharyllis" and "Brunsryllis" / Amarygia

Ken kjblack@pacbell.net
Sun, 12 Aug 2012 08:55:25 PDT
I enjoying for a 7th year in a row, blooms on a couple of
intergeneric hybrid bulbs between Boophone disticha (seed parent) and
Amaryllis belladonna (pollen parent), performed 12 years ago.  Still hoping for
scapes on the other two yet un-blooming bulbs.   The blooms on all consistently
open from one side of the spathe (is that what it is called?) and seem to have a 

hard time of it.  I've tried again this year to create the same cross using 
B.disticha specimens as the mother plants (the original has since died), but it 

seed is not forming ... <:-(


Also, some progress shots on my 6-year old possible cross between
Brunsvigia josephinae and Amaryllis belladonna.  The scape has not grown
as tall as I would have expected or hoped-for.  Individual florets now emerging
from the protective spathe (again, is this the correct term?)


I'd rather call this a (possible) "Brunsryllis", indicating that Brunsvigia is 
seed parent, but it seems previous discussions point to Amarygia as the valid
name regardless of which plant was the seed or pollen parent.

Ken Blackford
San Diego, California

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