Crocus 'Spring Beauty'

Jim McKenney
Fri, 21 Dec 2012 10:07:57 PST

Roger's rantlet on the problem of acquiring accurately named bulbs reminded me of something I want to ask other forum members about.

There is a crocus going around under the name 'Spring Beauty', and it's often attributed to Crocus isauricus as Crocus isauricus 'Spring Beauty'. I've ordered this for three years in a row now and each time they bloom they prove to be Crocus minimus. There is irony in that because the supplier also offers Crocus minimus at a higher price! Since they go for about 40 or 50 cents each, the substitution is of no concern from that point of view. 

Here's my question to the rest of you: is there a "true" Crocus isauricus 'Spring Beauty' out there? Since Crocus isauricus is a eamber of the C. biflorus group (it's C. biflorus subsp. isauricus on the wiki, and in calling it C. isauricus I don't mean to question that arrangement), I would expect 'Spring Beauty' to have conspicuously annulate corms.

The corms I've received under this name match those of C. medius (and the flowers match those of C. medius, too).  

Jim McKenney

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