Blooming now - intentionally late

Leo A. Martin
Tue, 18 Dec 2012 09:28:38 PST
Here in Phoenix, Arizona, it's really hot by the standards of most Oxalis
until late October or early November. I oversummer most of mine in the
house due to high summer heat and rain.

A few Oxalis (and other bulbs) start growing in August, no matter what. If
I put sprouting Oxalis outside then, they die. I've learned to leave them
in the house, pale yellow-white and leggy, until it's cooling down at
night. As a result hirta and meissneri are always leggy for me. They do
bloom on the ends of the threads, and new growth will be tight.

I wait to water the mid- and late-season bloomers until nights are
definitely cool, late October or early November. I still haven't pulled
them all out this year due to being really busy. But I've learned in the
past that won't be a problem.

Some don't mind being outside in baking sun and getting soaked a few times
over the summer. This includes O. callosa, flava, obtusa and purpurea.
Blooming today are a O. callosa, flava, lavender pupurea. O. hirta is done
for the season. Obtusas are growing but no flowers yet. Most of the others
just got their first watering with two big storms last week, almost 2
inches / 5cm total rain.

That reminds me - I have some mixed O. obtusa seed from last spring to
send to Dell.

Leo Martin
Phoenix Arizona USA

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