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That's a big help.


On 12/02/12, Tim Chapman wrote:

Regarding name changes on Lachenalia , here is a list I made from the book for my own reference: I think it's complete but if anyone caught any others let me know :

Lachenalia name changes

Old name = new name

L aloides var aloides = L aloides
L aloides var aurea = L flava
L aloides var luteola = L luteola
L aloides var quadricolor = L quadricolor
L aloides var vanzyliae = L vanzyliae 
L aloides from Summerfield as 'Piketberg' = L callista
L aloides from ?? = L thunbergii 
L bulbifera = bifolia
L elegans var elegans = L elegans
L elegans var flava = L karoopoortensis
L elegans var membranacea = L membranacea
L elegans var suaveolens = L suaveolens
L esterhuysenae = L juncifolia
L gilletii = L pallida
L juncifolia var campanulata = L magentea
L mediana var mediana = L mediana subsp mediana
L mediana var rogersii = L mediana subsp rogersii
L muirii = sessiliflora 
L pustulata = L pallida
L rubida = punctata
L unifolia var schlechteri = L schlechteri 
L unifolia var wrightii = L wrightii
Polyxena calcicola = L calcicola
P corymbosa = L corymbosa
P ensifolia = L ensifolia subsp ensifolia 
P maughanii = L ensifolia subsp maughanii
P longituba = L longituba
P paucifolia = L paucifolia
P pygmaea = L pygmaea 

Tim Chapman

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