Alani Davis alanidae@gmail.com
Sat, 29 Dec 2012 17:35:20 PST

I would really describe the paler Habranthus robustus I am growing as
"white" because even the palest variations I have gotten retain some pink
to the edges or tips of the tepals at least but there is varying amounts of
white on the centers of the tepals and bases but yes I do get quantities of
seed. Actually the clumps I have of the different clones of Habranthus
robustus bloom quite a lot at this point and produce lots of seed with a
lot of help from the bees, so as an attempt to keep seed from the mixing of
these different plants from sprouting around the parent clumps, I try to
collect all the seed and sow it is a separate bed. There I have seen a
number of variations appear though I don't know who resulted in what. I
will try to get some example photos together in a web album and post a
link. I have not really been too selective with these plants. For me
Habranthus robustus is just a step above a lawn weed they are so productive
and I am glad they are mostly agreeable as they pop up everywhere and if I
were to do any controlled crosses with them, I would have to maintain
specific selections in pots in some sort of isolation.


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