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Very long ago About 25 years ago (I can have a look for a more exact date)

it was the family Visser (four brothers) in St pancras who named a lot
of Colchicum
Kees Visser was the one who did the selection
One day I came there and I had to see one of the new finds
he asked my opinion for a few new selections
and then he showed me on his secret place at the Nursery this one
he asked me  "Do you like it"
I said 'Let me think of it ' , I am not sure if I like it
for me it's more a Harlequin
so when he sold it he called it Harlequin

Here is a good picture from C. Harlequin…

There is an other story for C. Zephyr
Arie did  the administration and phoned John Amand From Jaques Amand bulbs
Arie , who spoke just a little English , Offered John a new clone called C 4
John ordered on paper Colchicum Zephyr
and Arie phoned him and said
we don't grow a Colchicum Zephyr
you have seen it probably on a other nursery
No said John you spoke on the phone with me about this one
then the bell ringed by Arie and named the C 4 , Zephyr

three brothers died but the youngest visited our stand last October in Beervelde


2012/12/21 Jim McKenney <>:
> Roland, when did you name 'Harlequin'?
> I'm asking because long ago on more than one occasion I had new plants of what was being sold as 'Bornmuelleri' which produced flowers like those of photos I've seen of 'Harlequin'.
> Jim McKenney
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