Blooming now - intentionally late

Mon, 17 Dec 2012 17:43:49 PST
Normally Oxalis spp. start to bloom here in late September as I commence
watering several weeks earlier. This year it was very hot in late summer.
So, I decided not to commence the bloom season until much later. I gave the
first watering in early November and bloom appeared a month later. It is
glorious now with many species and the heavens have provided nearly all of
the water. 

The benefits of doing it this way is that (1) the intense autumn hot spells
in September and October that fry the plants are avoided and (2) the
blooming season will be much longer.

I know you people in northern California start things in August. I always
started a month later and now I feel even better about delaying another
month or two. This is when I want the blooms.


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