Haemanthus deformis repotting

Stephen Putman putman@pobox.upenn.edu
Wed, 05 Dec 2012 12:27:08 PST
My Haem. deformis is just finishing blooming and is sending up new 
leaves.  It now sits in a 6" clay pot.  The previous set of leaves were 
probably about 6" each, laying flat on the planting medium surface and 
then curling down past the edge of the pot.  How big a pot can I safely 
use for repotting (the current one is a 6" "azalea" pot)?  What do I do 
about the curled older leaves, as they will tend to force the bulb up 
and out of the medium, and/or be bent and broken by being forced to lay 
flat on the surface of the bigger pot?  A I correct in assuming that 
this might be a good time to repot, just as new growth was commencing? 
Not, I realize, earth shattering questions, but I guessed that one or 
more of my PBS colleagues may have dealt with this issue.

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