What's Blooming Now Lachenalia

Randall P. Linke randysgarden@gmail.com
Thu, 06 Dec 2012 00:18:53 PST
Did Graham give reasons for elevating these varieties to species?

Tim Chapman wrote:

> In short, yes.

Personally, I am still a bit skeptical on some of these changes...but I
have not seen the justifications.  We do live in very trying times with
regard to nomenclature.  I know that in other groups I have participated in
the "modern" reliance of genetics vs. morphology is stirring a lot of
debate and controversy over definitions contrived  for human convenience
vs. biological/morphological evidence.

For now, I think we are all well advised to include the publishing author's
name with whatever epithet we place on our plants for clarity.

Monterey Bay Area, California

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