Colchicum article in Gardens Illustrated

Jane McGary
Thu, 20 Dec 2012 16:49:04 PST
If Kathy Purdy lives in the USA, I could exchange Colchicum cultivars 
with her, including 'Pink Goblet'. Kathy, write to me privately if interested.

The cultivar names given to Dutch hybrids are usually very boring, as 
she notes. Everything is a King, a Queen. a Beauty, or a Wonder.

I think the darkest one I have here, among the large species and 
hybrids (there are dark ones among the miniatures too), is a 
particularly good form of C. bivonae, grown from wild seed.
'Disraeli' is pretty rich in color too.

Jane McGary
Portland, Oregon,

At 02:53 PM 12/20/2012, you wrote:
>There is an 8 page article on colchicums in the latest issue (#191) of the
>British magazine Gardens Illustrated. Gorgeous photos and honest
>descriptions: "Don't be misled by names such as 'Violet Queen', 'Lilac
>Wonder', or *C. atropurpureum*. . . . Most are either pinkish or purplish
>or pinkish-purplish or albino." I am always happy to see colchicums get
>some good press, and to compare the photos with what's growing in my
>garden. I think 'Antares' has a deeper flush in my garden, for example. I
>also need to find a source for 'Pink Goblet'.
>Kathy Purdy

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