Problem paying dues - receiving emails

Diane Whitehead
Mon, 24 Dec 2012 17:08:03 PST
Years ago my children had a program that tracked where messages were  
going.  The pathways were not always sensible to me - messages  didn't  
take what seemed to be the easiest route.  They'd start along one way,  
meet a roadblock, backtrack a bit, shoot out in another direction.

Rather like tracking a package you've ordered on one of those delivery  
websites -  Yes, it's getting closer - almost here - TEXAS?? Why has  
it gone down to Texas?  It's further away than when it started.

So I can imagine why the sequence gets scrambled.

What amazes me is how few messages go astray.

Diane Whitehead

On 24-Dec-12, at 3:24 PM, Brian Whyer wrote:

>  Time delays I might understand, sequence changes are a puzzle.
> This seems to happen regardless of how often I check manually for  
> new emails.

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