Initiation of root growth in Fritillaria affinis; was Re: Pacific Bulb Society BX 330

Sat, 01 Dec 2012 17:47:44 PST
"Are there any West Coast bulbs known to delay root growth until late
winter and the resumption of leafy growth?"

I would interpret this question as asking if CA geophytes exhibit growth of
leaves and roots contemporaneously versus only root growth with fall rains
followed by leaves in the spring. In my experience CA bulbs from coastal
and southern areas sprout later than South African and Mediterranean bulbs
but still near the start of the rainy season (Nov-Dec vs. Oct-Nov). This
includes F. affinis from Santa Barbara Co. Bulbs at higher elevations
(Sierra Nevada e.g.) may grow roots after fall rains and then be 'spring
loaded' to sprout quickly in the spring, like tulips and other cold climate
species. Refrigeration can help but these plants really want to put out a
set of roots in the fall, which would necessitate potting them up, watering
in and then refrigerating for a month or two. This seemed to work for me
recently with Paris luquanensis but refrigerated space quickly becomes a

Dylan Hannon
Los Angeles

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