shelving & marauding critters ... was algae, moss in seedlings/drystall

Thu, 02 Feb 2012 13:11:29 PST
Hi Marguerite ...
I guess I've been fairly lucky.  While I have neighborhood cats, skunks, racoons, opposums, gophers, coyotes and even an occasional fox ... the only real problem I've encountered is with the towhees (generally in the spring ... I assume for next building) pulling seedlings out of their pots.  They seem to reject them after doing so and leave them on top of the pot.  I try to deter this by placing plastic nursery flats (with loose cross-hatch bottoms) upside down over the seedlings after the first sign of towhee activity.  It seems fairly effective.  I also had doves nest once in the shelving amongst the pots, but I believe the local hawks (or possibly crows) made horderves out of the nestlings and a meal of the doves, as I found a big disturbance on the shelf and a pile of feathers directly below a backyard tree limb the same day.   The hawks particularly like that tree limb and frequently use it while they eat.  No nesting doves of late!
Ken Blackford
San Diego, California, USDA zone 10

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Ken - How do you keep our local pack rats and other critters from 
marauding through your plants?
>   I keep them or racks outdoors (no greenhouse ... yet!)  

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