Lilium cutting experiment

J. Agoston
Sat, 18 Feb 2012 03:50:54 PST
@ Steven Hart: This is Lilium OT 'Zanlophator' Triumphator not the original
Lilium regale
@ Jude: Most lilies grow stem bulbs, but it depends on species and
varieties how much. If you plant lilies shallow in a pot they produce large
but few bulbs, if you plant them deep in a pot they produce a lot and
small. I have had L. nepalense, it produced a few stem bulbs at the top of
the mother bulb and at the part where the stem emerged from the soil.
BUT!!! If your lily has Sclerotium or Macrophomina phaseoli it will not
produce ANY stem bulbs, or just really a few. If the lily has Pythium it
depends when the stem dies out, if it dies off soon it will not produce any
bulbs. If the lily is infected with viruses it makes a lot os small bulbs.

Hungary, Z5a

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