New Moraea photos on the wiki

Michael Mace
Wed, 01 Feb 2012 20:16:17 PST
Hi, gang.


I recently ran across a very nice collection of bulb photos posted online by
Maarten Groos, the manager of an eco-resort in South Africa called Farm 215.
He took the photos on the grounds of the resort, and they're pretty
impressive.  You can see the collection here:


Maarten gave us permission to reproduce some of his photos on the wiki.
They include a huge variety of Moraea lurida color forms (various oranges,
whites, and purples), supplementing the beautiful pictures Cameron McMaster
had already provided.  And there are photos of Moraea pyrophila, a
Homeria-group species that blooms after fires (formerly Homeria galpinii).


The M. lurida flowers are here:…
(be sure to click the link labeled "More color forms.")


And M. pyrophila is here:…



San Jose, CA

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