Winter Projects

Mon, 13 Feb 2012 21:05:58 PST
Nursery scale stratification

This is what we are working on now at our nursery, preparing mostly tree and shrub seeds for a 90 day cold stratification and planting in May. There are many ways to accomplish this task this is just my own twist on the job. Earlier we used open top plastic bags but this gives us better aeration and ease of inspection. Here is a series of pictures that illustrates our process.

rinsing presoaked seed
setting up tray, paper lined, peat bottom
fungicide dip (optional)
spreading seed inside sandwiched layer
placing seed inside sandwich
covering seed layer with peat
stacking trays inside cooler. Note warm incubator on right
recording all data in a filemaker relational database In this screen shot from left is our field map, propagation and seed inventory databases

Working with Lily seed is new for me and I have a question in my following post for lily savy stratifiers.

Rich Haard
Bellingham Washington

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