Galanthomania in the US
Mon, 27 Feb 2012 05:03:12 PST
Oh those snowdrops...
	UK garden galas involving hundreds of people pouring over acres of Snow Drops as the first hint of spring breaks.

I would go, perhaps another year...
	I personally did not think there was a market in the US for single Galanthus cv bulbs for $40 or 50. 
I'm afraid, I have purchased.  It makes everything else seem more affordable, a $25/bulb lily hybrid suddenly seems like a good buy!
	I grow maybe a half dozen or 10 named cvs a couple of which I recently priced on US and UK web sites and found they sell for much more than I would ever pay.
I think, I have about 2 dozen now.  As Ellen did, I now live near Hitch.  It was through snowdrops that we first met.  I ended up here for a good job and property I could afford.
	Do you think you might be a Galanthophile ?
Oh yes.  Oh dear.  What next?
	Is the whole thing totally a fad; overblown and doomed to obscurity in the US?
Hitch says he sells out every year.  The Temple Nursery, Trumansburg, NY

  	What's the most you have ever paid for a single Galanthus bulb?
$50.  But I've also found LOVELY plants in the area, seeding colonies.
I keep hundreds of nivalis around for their simple spring pleasure.  It is one of the true harbingers of spring.  Plant them close to your most used door!
Interlaken, NY
Zone 6 (whatever...)


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