Galanthus - Giant.

James Waddick
Mon, 27 Feb 2012 08:45:21 PST
Dear Friends,

	I was recently reading about the 'Giant Snow Drop' a rather 
vague and mostly commercial term applied to a variety of sp and cv in 
the past. Most often this refers to G elwesii and was sold by the now 
defunct 'Giant SnowDrop Company'

	Most people look at snow drops as tiny plants under 6 inches 
with tiny flowers, It got me thinking, so armed with a ruler I went 
in search.

	My tallest flower stalk at full bloom tops out at 11 inches 
with a spread of exactly 2 in.  Although most stalks are in the 10 in 
range, the flower size is typical. Following flowering the stalks can 
extend further as much as an inch or more. This is not a tiny dainty 

	This is on the plant distributed as 'Mighty Atom' - Not. 
Close, but no cigar. In the garden we simply call it M. A. N. and 
with dozens in flower it is very impressive.

	We do grow many more Galanthus that are half that size-even 
less, but MAN is a substantial addition to to the spring garden.

	So how big is yours? Any one grow bigger snow drops? Just how 
big can Snow Drops get. And for the record I am not comparing these 
to Leucojum aka Snow Flakes and Snow Drops.  CAn anyone beat this 

		Best		Jim W.
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