snowdrop stealing?

steven hart
Thu, 23 Feb 2012 21:18:51 PST
On 24 February 2012 03:49, Jim McKinney <> wrote:

My guess is that some passing child picked Mr Mustache; I'm not going to
begrudge a child picking a few flowers in the excitement of the season. I'm
just hoping that Mr. Mustache reappears nest year. Even if an adult had
snitched the snowdrop, I'm inclined to accept it as a sign that tastes in
gardening in the neighborhood are improving.

Jim McKinney
What a great comment, i can feel Buddha smiling over my shoulder saying,
mmmm Ah - Yes he has fought Evil with Kindness :  )

Steven : )
Esk Queensland Australia
Summer Zone 5  Winter Zone 10

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