foliar treatment: of Fulvic Acid, BAP99%, Indole-3 Butyric Acid

Diane Whitehead
Fri, 10 Feb 2012 15:11:31 PST
Clayton 3120, who lives in Seattle, wrote that he sprays it on his  
narcissus hybrid seedlings every week, and some of them are about to  
bloom even though they are only two years old.  This is phenomenally  
fast for narcissus.

I asked about it and Arnold posted a website that shows where it can  
be bought.  The  chemicals appear to be used most often for intensive  
horticulture like tissue culture.  They don't appear to be sold as a  
mixture, so Clayton must be putting them together.


On 10-Feb-12, at 2:42 PM, Daniel Kerr wrote:

> Diane Whitehead
> Is this foliar treatment mix Fulvic Acid, BAP99% and Indole-3
>> Butyric Acid  1%
> your own concoction?  Or do you find it retail somewhere?

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