Galanthomania in the US - related
Sun, 26 Feb 2012 18:03:09 PST




I'm not quite sure I get the galanthomania thing, but I do love the common snowdrops I see both in gardens and as a naturalized plant along the Bronx River in a park near where I live.  I notice that the snowdrops in the park grow in areas that do flood on occasion, I wonder if this helps them to disperse better. And while I don't get excited about minute differences among snowdrops (now if one was tecophilia blue, that would be something special in my book!) I know to each their own, as I certainly have my own interests in some plants that others might think of as a bit quirky.  A factor in the snowdrops favor is their winter/early spring bloom, winter flowers are very special to gardeners in places where such things are few and far between, so I imagine that some folks in warmer locations who have abundant flowers all year might wonder why anyone pays attention to such a small white flower.
Ernie DeMarie
Tuckahoe NY  


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