snowdrop stealing?

David Ehrlich
Thu, 23 Feb 2012 11:24:17 PST
Jim McKenney wrote --
  I'm not going to begrudge a child picking a few flowers in the excitement of 
the season. I'm just hoping that Mr. Mustache reappears nest year. Even if an 
adult had snitched the snowdrop, I'm inclined to accept it as a sign that tastes 
in gardening in the neighborhood are improving. 

  I'm not always so kind-minded as you: two years ago, a young deer ate my 
one most beautiful off-white Iris.  I was upset, but figured, at least it had 
contributed to the animal's life.  Then he spat it out; the taste did not agree 
with him.
  Some time later, adding insult to injury, some body broke off the leaf fan.  I 
hope the rhizome survived; it did not bloom last year.  I hope it does this 

David E.

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