Tim Chapman
Wed, 15 Feb 2012 09:19:10 PST

No one is trying to reorganize the PBS. Perhaps if you paid attention you'd realize the only difference is a more directed effort to curtail replying with the entire thread. I have been guilty of this as have many other people. The request is simple, easy to do, and is warranted.  The reasons for this have been explained several times.  

To suggest that the people who were here long before you and have spent countless volunteer hours making the organization and especially the wiki such a huge asset for bulb growers around the world to leave is arrogant and insulting at best.  Perhaps a better suggestion would be for you to start your own group and see how that works. 

I was asked to delete previous messages too, by a person who's wiki additions alone have provided me with tons of information I couldn't find anywhere else.  I understand she is trying to balance the needs and preferences of an ever growing membership and database.  Were she to leave to make your posting less complicated, Id gladly follow. I'm pretty sure Im not tge only one, and you would be left alone in this case. 

Tim Chapman

On Feb 15, 2012, at 7:37 AM, "Robin Carrier" <> wrote:

> it's getting too complicated.  why don't you who wnat to reorganize this 
> group just  start your own.  this one has been working fine.
> robin carrier

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