Galanthomania in the US

Vijay Chandhok
Sun, 26 Feb 2012 12:06:01 PST
I have snow drops in my yard last few days in Pittsburgh, but what is making a great show are all the winter aconite covering a large area of the front yard.
On Feb 26, 2012, at 11:40 AM, Mark McDonough wrote:

> I must admit, I do not understand the obsessive fascination with 
> Galanthus.  As I typically do, let me preface this message: I find 
> snowdrops utterly delightful little plants; perfectly charming 
> harbingers of spring (and an autumn one or two), what's not to like 
> about them? But when we get right down to it, these little "snow 
> dumplings" are white white white, with a dab of green.  How many 
> variations of white with green markings can there be? Apparently 
> thousands.  Should they all be named? Maybe, maybe not; but if it brings 
> considerable enjoyment to Galanthophiles, then so be it. When I observe 
> photos of myriad named snowdrops, many at exorbitant high price, to my 
> eye there's a niveous sameness to so many of them, I can hardly tell 
> them apart, insufficient distinction to pry even a few dollars out of my 
> wallet if they were available.
> Now, I certainly wouldn't mind having one of the so-called yellow 
> galanthus (yellowish peduncles and yellowish markings on the white 
> petals), but even so, wouldn't pay much for it, I don't suppose I'll 
> ever have one.  Now if only there were Galanthus with pink flowers, or 
> any color other than white and green.  If I were to spring $50 for a 
> plant, would much rather buy one of the newer Cypripedium hybrids that 
> come in a fascinating array of colors and rich markings.
> Long and short of it, I don't think Galathomania will catch on in the 
> US; there will of course be dedicated followers of the genus here, but 
> no where close to the fervent popularity it enjoys in the UK and 
> elsewhere in Europe.
> Mark McDonough
> Massachusetts, USDA Zone 5
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